2015: the year of the LION!

2015: the year of the LION!

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Do not be fooled by the title, this time it has nothing to do the zodiac: 2015 will be full of news for SIXS!

In recent months we have been working on many fronts, to grow and be more and more the reference point of the technical sports underwear “Made in Italy.

We started with several product updates, improving our garment, to make them even more comfortable and effective! Because the fit, the feeling and breathability have always our piece de resistance, and will continue to be.

The feedback received during 2014 have allowed us to improve various products in the PRO Tech line, to make them even safer; another major innovation in the area of products with protections will be presented in the coming months, and will be the result of the innovative project carried out with the phenomenal Vanni Oddera, international champion of Freestyle MX and faithful testimonial SIXS!

But the news does not end there: are well-prepared 3 new lines, which will complete the great SIXS offer; but we do not want to reveal too much, because you will SURELY know what it is about in the coming weeks.

And a bit ‘like the roar of the lion wakes up the savannah, we are ready to awaken your desire for novelty SIXS.