SIXS is a small tight, specialised, passionate team!!

A new rapidly-growing reality that was born out of consolidated roots and is looked after by expert hands!

SIXS was born in 2009 as a result of a meeting among three textile technology enthusiasts who, after one century (cumulative) of fruitful textile experiences in the field of fashion, decided to create an entirely Italian company that would exploit an idea that arose from the passion for sports.

Giuseppe Banfi and Paolo Graziani, the creators of one of the most important Italian manufacturing companies in the field of “Seamless” (production of garments without seams on the hips).

As a matter of fact, it should be taken into account that straddling the turn of the century, after all protective customs barriers went down, most of the world clothing producers became traders of products manufactured, with their own trademark, in the Far East, where labour costs and the complete lack of interest for environmental and workers’ (who were sometimes minors) rights standards led to huge savings but, in essence, reduced the need for fabrics manufactured in the West to zero within two years.

Therefore, the only chance for a textile company whose DNA consists in operating in Italy, with highly competent Italian workers, is exploiting a revolutionary idea protected by a patent and not very easy to reproduce. The occasion appeared when the third future partner, after being released from the pressing engagements of managing three textile factories and a converting company, adjusted – for sports and personal need – an innovative technology.

The old passion for off-road motorcycle races, after the juvenile engagement in enduro, in fact led to the passion for Rally Tout-terrain (the famous Paris-Dakar Rally), races characterised by entire days of off-road driving with strong temperature variations and very different physical conditions, non-stop, and without the possibility of adapting clothing to the different needs.

The availability of a Seamless fabric, which was used at that time for offering an Italian product that could not be copied by the East to the regular “fashion” clients, led to exploit the huge potentials of these machines (Made in Italy and extremely sophisticated) in order to manufacture a fabric that could perfectly interact with the human body, managing perspiration.

Managing perspiration means optimising thermoregulation by mitigating all the phenomena resulting from excessive cooling down due to the evaporation of the abundant dampness directly in contact with your skin, even in presence of low temperatures, and, at the same time, minimising the effects of excessive heat caused by abundant perspiration.

SIXS (Innovative Solutions for Sports) was born in this way: a great manager, an organisational mind and a…creative designer!

Once the company was established and the idea was patented, the following step was manufacturing some thousands of garments that were distributed to athletes of many different sports in order to get a database of feedback and information that led to improving the product and solving “youth” problems.

Convinced of the product effectiveness, without costly advertising campaigns, by simply proposing a “test” garment to the purchasing department managers, after only 2 years, the number of dealers in Italy came close to 1,000 (in the different sports). After the obvious selections, they are currently a little bit more than such number.
The foreign countries where dealers are present are more than 40.

Starting with 6 garments, the collection today includes more than 100 different products, which have been optimised for all sports: biking, motorcycling, running, biathlon or triathlon, winter sports, sports with boards, outdoor sports, etc.

The lines also include garments that incorporate protective elements made with state-of-the-art polymers reactive to impacts, garments for children 4 years old on, underwear or external clothing (always to be worn directly in contact with the skin) for sports and everyday use, with finishes and colours also suitable for hunting or military uses, including all the accessories, from socks to undergloves and balaclavas, always using our inimitable technology.

Don’t get confused by others:

making a “spotted” fabric and declaring a composition similar to ours is not enough: only SIXS is “Original Carbon Sportswear” and only SIXS works “as SIXS”!