Knee injury ruined Rok Bagoros plans

Knee injury ruined Rok Bagoros plans

Last Saturday, during KTM festival on RedBull Ring, Rok Bagoros the KTM factory stunt rider picked up unpleasant injury that will force him for unplanned rest. While landing from a front flip over handlebar, Rok injured his knee. Despite pain he continued with his show to finish like a true Rock star for his fans. During the break it was clear that injury was more than just a ‘slightly twisted knee’ as he assumed at first glance, since his knee swelled and pain became more and more unbearable.

After first examinations at specialists and MRI scan it is suspected that Rok tore his side and cross ligaments, but what really happened will be known after further additional medical tests with doctors specialists for knee injuries next week.

‘This injury certainly came up at worst possible time during my high stunt riding season and in the middle of shooting my new video. But I guess this is always the same with injuries. They are always bad news. Real bummer, I was at the peak of my form for last couple of weeks, really focused with new tricks coming from my sleeve. It was that special feeling, when my body and mind switch in almost surreal mode and now it feels like someone would pull the plug out.

One thing is sure! I will absolutely do my best to be fit for riding my KTM Duke 100% as soon as possible. With or without surgery! In any case I will not rest and lay down on my couch, but bite the pain like mad dog and fight. Today I went to a gym despite all and after workout for my upper body to spare the injured knee I already missed my stunt bikes. That is hard, really hard not be able to ride my bikes’, commented young stunt rider.

Rok remains positive despite all this and is now fully focused to get on bike as soon as possible.

Keep you updated – RokON!