Finally for children

More comfort also for them but, above all: less colds, sore throats, flus; a great help for thermoregulation when they first go wild and then stop for a snack!

SIXS Original Carbon Underwear technical garments have been developed for assisting athletes in reaching top performance while also contributing to top comfort. Thanks to their functionality, which is related to the use of SIXS patented material, it is possible – for the first time in the history of technical-functional clothing – to protect your skin from excessive perspiration.

Sizes for 4 years old on

We have been the first ones in thinking of children as athletes, even when they are playing!
While running in small gardens, riding a bike or going wild on the skateboard or on the snow. We take care of their well-being!

Innovative product: the patent that protects our carbon and elastic polypropylene fabric MAKES THE DIFFERENCE with respect to any other garment in the market!