A real revolution

The revolution of protection: the incorporation of the SAS-Tec protections (soft and comfortable but instantly hard and protective when needed) in the different SIXS garments, brilliantly meets the requirement of safety and protection in all types of sports.

Practical housings hold the protective elements that are perfectly positioned in the crucial points; thanks to their flexibility, the garments are extremely comfortable.

PRO Tech sezione back protection

State-of-the-art technologies

Unique materials in the field of protections that combine chemistry and advanced engineering to create an effective shock absorption system.

The immediate response of the polymer of which the protective elements are made ensures the system effectiveness.

Tecnologia D3O

The back protector is HOMOLOGATED CE EN 1621 CERTIFIED level 2 (SAS-Tec), while the PROCHEST is CE EN 14021 certified for motorcycling competitions.



All the shirts belonging to the PRO Tech line are available in three versions:

  • simple code (e.g. PRO TS9): it represents the garment that CAN INCLUDE all possible protections (chest, back, shoulders if the garment has sleeves and elbows if the sleeves are long)
  • code with “KIT” prefixes (e.g. KIT PRO TS9): it represents the garment WITH the protections included