What professional cyclists wear

What professional cyclists wear

For the third year running, SIXS is proud to be Lotto Soudal‘s and Quick-Step Floors‘ partner providing the teams with our uniquely patented technical underwear. As such, Sixs’ base layers it will be put to the test by the toughest customers any product can face: the best professional athletes in the world..

It’s a great honour to dress riders like André Greipel, Marcel Kittel and Zdenek Stybar; yet it’s also a responsibility to layer the skin of sportsmen of such calibre.

Every day these professional athletes demand ultimate performance from their apparel. The importance of reducing a bike’s weight is underlined by methods such as filing surfaces, choosing new materials and designing ever more aerodynamic geometry. The same applies to what a professional cyclist wears.

Could the performance of base layers be decisive?

Well, when it comes to shaving off grams from a wheel set or seat post, the informed choice of sportive clothing is a must! When competing and performing under strenuous effort, wearing sport underwear that is not only lighter, but also comfortable whilst riding, is undoubtedly advantageous.

That’s why the synergetic collaboration between SIXS and these great and successful teams of recent years has continued through several seasons!

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Special thanks to: Vermarc, Lotto Soudal and Quick-Step Floors.