Merzouga Rally 2014

Merzouga Rally 2014

Erfoud (Morocco) When the project was born Beta Atacama the idea was to create a bike with a huge potential, which could be a good “companion” for amateur riders, and a competitive bike for professional riders.

In the first case the pilot / amateur Luca Viglio, in the last Dakar, has demonstrated the validity of the project, taking it to the end, in the second case we needed a test to confirm that professional riders, or that point of the list, can be found in the Atacama Beta the right bike for their goal.

Thus was born the idea to participate in the Merzouga Rally with two-­‐class riders in the Enduro World, Johnny Aubert and Deny Philippaerts. If Johnny was a return to the desert, he had already participated in a Dakar, Deny was the debut in the Rally. The main objective of the Team was to bring in the end both bikes to get some more information to continue the development.

The first approach in the days before the race was very positive and both riders were enthusiastic about the bike. After a first stage of “setting” both riders on the second day showed their potential. Aubert won the stage reaching behind the leader and Philippaerts with an excellent fourth stage moves to fifth overall.

For the third stage was scheduled to leave motocross type and the goal was to stay with the first not to get behind. Aubert a few kilometers from the end, however, is lost and fell a few times accumulating a delay of 7 minutes and finished fourth. Difficult day for Philippaerts be left behind almost immediately without brakes but did not give in and closes the sixth to twenty minutes behind the winner. On the fourth day both riders start the attack to try to catch up but an error in the placement of a way point overloading the first six riders who come together and close the stage together.

For the last day be provided a path of only about 25km of dunes to be repeated twice and not get anything but defend the second and third Absolute. A day that passes without any problems and that the Beta Atacama offers a double podium, Aubert second and third Philippaerts.


When I arrived I was a little rusty with regard to navigation and so I started slowly, slowly I got a good rhythm. Experience with Team Boano was really good and the Beta Atacama has responded very well to the needs at no cost. My dream is to start competing in rallies and BETA I think we can build ambitious projects.


I’m really happy, a third place in my first rally is for me a real soddisfazione.In these days have been steady and slowly I have always improved at every stage. The feeling with the bike was immediately positive and I must say that the Atacama dunes as you ride a motorcycle enduro !!. After this experience I would not mind to continue in this sport.

Jarno Boano:

I do not think we could ask for more for this debut !! The credit for this goes largely to my brother Ivan, who, after the experience of the Dakar 2011, with Giulio Napoli, studied and realized the bike. A competitive bike, as we have always thought, in the hands of experienced riders can be a winner. This time we could show !! I thank Betamotor for the support and for giving Aubert to take part in the rally. I thank all the guys Boano Motorcycles: Damir, “Tino”, Marco, Alessio Paolo Francesca, Sandro along with the founders of Boano Moto mom Silvana and dad Roberto believe and always attended by 100% to every project. I also thank the riders / customers who have shared with us this Rally: Tetsu Saito, Giorgio Antonio Walter, Luciano, Stefano. I also congratulate Stefano for sixteenth place overall and Valter for ninth in the Expert category. Thanks also to Edo Mossi and his staff for their professionalism, organization and willingness. See you soon for new adventures!!