Windproof vest

The windproof SIXS vest is the essential garment to always bring with you during workouts, competition or the classic hikes. Lightweight (just 56g) and handy to stow in a pocket, it is quick to put on with a practical zipper that does not create gaps letting the rain and wind get through.



S - M - L - XL - XXL


  • Cycling
  • MTBFreeride
  • Athletics
  • Running

Other pictures

  • GLT W
  • GLT W back


Waterproof Prime

Waterproof polypropylene fiber product: like a funnel, it takes sweat away from the skin to the outside, keeping you warm and dry. It is not afraid of the rain

Areo Fit

Designed to follow the athlete's posture during sports activities: longer in back and shorter in front, remaining comfortable and aerodynamic

Pluma Innovation

Easy to fold and ultra-light product so it can always be carried along

Washing and Care

Tips for maintenance of the product


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