Anti-shock inner sole BIKE

With almost 25 years of experience and hard work in the field of absorbing impacts and shock waves, in partnership with healthcare professionals, always ready to respond to everyone's needs, and to answer to increasing demands, NOENE ® has designed and manufactured the first Anti-Shock Absorbing System for sports footwear. Millions of buyers already know the exceptional shock-absorbing virtues of NOENE ® and its effectiveness in the fight against the ailments resulting from exposure to vibrations. The NOENE ® system is also an innovation specifically created for those who use an orthopaedic sole for correcting posture. To benefit from this Anti-Shock Absorbing System, you only need to slip it under the sole you already use. In spite of being ultra-thin (only 1 mm - 0.04 in.) and ultra-light (barely 13 g - less than half an ounce - for a men's size 9 shoe), this Anti-Shock Absorbing System still offers all the shock-absorbing features that have made NOENE ® famous.



35/38 - 39/42 - 43/46


  • Cycling
  • MTBFreeride
  • Athletics
  • Running

Thanks to the Anti-Shock Absorption System distributed by SIXS, it's easy to verify how at least 90% of the vibrations acting on your feet while cycling, riding a motorbike, running, or skiing are effectively absorbed. It is perfect for riding bicycles and motorbikes on and off road, but it is also the ideal element to be put below or inside a skiing shoe or other sports footwear where active movement produces negative and harmful vibrations.

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