Level 1 type-approved back protection

The D3O back protection offers optimal comfort, featuring unmatched lightness and flexibility, but becoming instantly rigid and protective in case of need. Product with CE EN 1621-2 certification, in compliance with the F.M.I. regulation for Motocross, Enduro, Trial, Supermoto and Snowmobile competitions. D3O is produced with a material that combines state-of-the-art chemistry and engineering to create an effective shock absorption system. The D3O material – in its regular state – is soft; when it is untreated, it is almost completely liquid, but when it is hit, its atoms join firmly in order to dissipate the energy and then return to their initial state. Thanks to this feature, the protection that is provided is similar to the one offered by traditional materials, whereas the lightness, comfort and versatility offered cannot be compared with the solutions that are regularly used. The only limit for the field of application of this technology is imagination.



S - M - L


  • Off-road
  • Sports Motorbikes
  • Motorbike Touring
  • MTBFreeride
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Alpine skiing
  • Snowboard
  • Skateboard

Details PRO BACK

Back protection at the TOP

CE EN 1621/2 type-approved protections of 2 types: SAS-Tec (yellow colour) level 2 - the maximum level - type-approved and D3O (orange colour) level 1 type-approved. They comply with the regulations in force during all kinds of competitions that require the use of back protection.

Washing and Care

Tips for maintenance of the protection - wash them with a wet sponge without using detergent. (Note: avoid temperature above 60º)


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