Pro Tech leggings with hips and knee protections

The full-length pants with 4 SIXS PRO Tech predispositions protect your hips and knees with four protections that are located in the crucial points. Thanks to the SIXS fabric, your legs and your groin will remain dry and at the right temperature to improve your muscle performance. Patented SIXS original carbon underwear ® technology for perspiration management. Seamless design to enhance comfort. It can be used under other technical garments, like all the products of the UNDERwear range. These protections can be purchased either individually or in the PRO PNX KIT.



S - M - L - XL - XXL


  • Off-road
  • Motorbike Touring

Universal garment: suitable to be used in off-road riding, but also very useful – due to its reduced dimensions – under a pair of blue jeans so as to be protected during a motorcycle trip into the country without using protective pants, which are much heavier, hotter and more uncomfortable. Perspiration management and stable protections well positioned with minimum dimensions. You won’t even feel that you have them on, but they are still certified at the same level than the traditional ones (which are rigid and uncomfortable).

Details PRO PNX

Carbon Underwear Fabric

SIXS products do not make you feel hot but you do not feel cold with them!

Your second skin

This apparel should be used directly in contact with your skin in order to obtain the greatest results

Washing and Care

Tips for maintenance of the product - you need to remove the protections from the slots (you can wash them with a wet sponge without detergent).


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