Pro tech padded shorts with hips and coccyx protections

The SIXS PRO Tech shorts with 3 predispositions have been developed to meet the requirements of snowboarders, MTB riders and off-road riders, who must specifically protect their hips and coccyx. Your thighs and your groin will remain dry and at the right temperature to improve your muscle performance. Patented SIXS original carbon underwear ® technology for perspiration management. Seamless design to enhance comfort. It can be used under other technical garments, like all the products of the UNDERwear range. These protections can be purchased either individually or in the PRO SHO4 KIT.



S - M - LXL


  • Off-road
  • Motorbike Touring
  • MTBFreeride

It adds a protection for your coccyx to PRO SHO 2. This is particularly useful in off-road activities, both in motorcycles and in bicycles, where it is a good complement of PRO BIKE 4 as an alternative to PRO SLP4 and, if necessary, completed with PRO GACO.

Washing and Care

Tips for maintenance of the product - you need to remove the protections from the slots (you can wash them with a wet sponge without detergent).


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