Sleeveless turtleneck T-shirt with abdominal band and back protection

Specifically created for snowboarding; it protects your backbone by keeping the protective element in its exact position, even in presence of marked twists of your torso. At the same time, the SIXS patented fabric manages perspiration in the best possible way.



S - M - LXL


  • Snowboard

In order to better deal with certain situations that arise during snowboarding and freestyle skiing, two important features are necessary: the back protection is inserted in a pocket separated from the T-shirt back fabric; therefore, perfect perspiration management is obtained also in the back. An abdominal elastic band has been created, and the pocket containing the protective element is fixed to such band, which is also fixed to the shoulders. In this way, you will be sure that the protection will always follow the spine.

Details PRO SM2 S

Carbon Underwear Fabric

SIXS products do not make you feel hot but you do not feel cold with them!

Back protection at the TOP

CE EN 1621/2 type-approved protections of 2 types: SAS-Tec (yellow colour) level 2 - the maximum level - type-approved and D3O (orange colour) level 1 type-approved. They comply with the regulations in force during all kinds of competitions that require the use of back protection.

Abdominal elastic band

In order to ensure the apparel and the back protection perfect positioning even during the twists that are typical of snowboard, we have increased the fabric elasticity in the abdominal area

Washing and Care

Tips for maintenance of the product - you need to remove the protections from the slots (you can wash them with a wet sponge without detergent).


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