Mesh sleeveless jersey with spinal protection

Mesh sleeveless jersey ready for insertion of spinal protection. The customer can choose between the CE approved back protective armor level 1 (PRO BACK LIGHT by SAS-TEC) or level 2 (PRO BACK S2 by SAS-TEC). Perfect for warm days when you want to have just the bare minimum, but you don’t want to go without protection. Thanks to GRID-TECH technology, the mesh lies between the skin and the clothing on top to prevent annoying chafing and create cushions of fresh air that reduce the sensation of the skin "suffocating" under the garment. The polyamide fiber with its extremely low specific weight is able to absorb the skin's moisture to leave it fresh and dry. The back of the sleeveless jersey is in “mesh” so that the rear pocket, where the back protective armor will be inserted, can be fastened.



One Size


  • Off-road
  • Sports Motorbikes
  • Motorbike Touring
  • MTBFreeride
  • Skateboard

Washing and Care

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