Running top

The SIXS running singlet has been designed for all kinds of runners: from Iron Man racers to amateurs who run a few kilometres in the weekend. The defining feature of this product is still the same: using the SIXS original carbon underwear® technology, this product protects your skin from excessive perspiration and gives you top comfort and performance.



S - M - LXL - XXL


  • Athletics
  • Running

Designed for running training and competition in the hot season. Seamless design to enhance comfort. To be used without any underwear - a feature shared by the whole ACTIVEwear range.

Details RUN1

Carbon Activewear®

Same breathability and thermoregulation properties as Carbon Underwear®, with a structure designed for outerwear garments

High comfort

Thanks to its elastic structure, it fits perfectly your body

Your second skin

This apparel should be used directly in contact with your skin in order to obtain the greatest results

Washing and Care

Tips for maintenance of the product


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