Winter bib tight

Winter bib tight made of the waterproof PolarTech Activewear® membrane: protection from wind and water without sacrificing breathability. It keeps the skin dry and the body thermoregulated without wasting precious energy to heat the body. Also recommended for harsh temperatures.



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  • Cycling
  • MTBFreeride


Skin Pad butt-patch

Thin butt-patch that takes up little space. Due to the variable double density and the high-tech materials, it ensures high performance up to medium-long distances without "heating up" and overly absorbing moisture, a problem afflicting the spongier butt-patches.

Comfort Fit

The zones subject to cold drafts and wind are protected by our PolarTech Activewear®. The back area - where there is no direct contact with the air - features inserts in Thermo Carbon Underwear® that maintains thermoregulation by taking sweat to the outside and keeping the skin dry

Waterproof Prime

Waterproof polypropylene fiber product: like a funnel, it takes sweat away from the skin to the outside, keeping you warm and dry. It is not afraid of the rain

Washing and Care

Tips for maintenance of the product


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