Rodrig Thain in recovery

Rodrig Thain in recovery

We receive this mail from Rodrig, a very faithful SIXS’s testimonial, which explains his physical situation and his goals for this difficult season:

Hi Marco

Objective: Back in a month!

Here are some news since my return from the rehabilitation center CERS Capbreton … It’s been one month since I returned to my home in Carpentras and now I ride every other day. I even started doing some lap since Thursday and raced sunday. Physically, I’m starting to get back to my best level. In fact, I do not let me down and I continue to run , cycling and swimming. I just take the weight slowly. It’s still tricky and difficult because only three months after the surgery, the pain is still there even though it attenuates every week. But I’m up every day at the clinic Fontvert Avignon by a specialist physiotherapist and it told me that my rehabilitation took place in the time and quite normally! Mentally, it is not always easy, I feel to move in slow motion as the weeks pass quickly. But I get a lot of support from my family, friends, doctor and the people of the team, which helps me a lot in these difficult time and push me to train myself more in order to achieve a good end of season riding my Gas Gas 300 EC. I want to thanks all my sponsors and all the team Gas Gas Factory Pons for their patience and support and dear to my heart to represent their colors shine very quickly as well as find all the microcosm of the paddock ‘EWC! I hope to get back in the bath and help me prepare as best as possible to my next big deadline the Aveyronnaise Classic (22-23 -24 August). I have one good news to share with you … I just received my selection for ISDE 2013 to be held in Sardinia (Italy) from 30 September to 5 October. I greatly thank our coach Fred Weill for this new selection despite my injury and my teammates team France … Thanks for following me and see you soon!

A big good luck for a return to form!