It is there, but people can’t see it

Have you ever thought of a protective technical garment to be used under T-shirts and short leggings? An article that cannot be noticed but which is effective when needed?

The PRO Tech line has been created precisely for this: by combining the SIXS fabric inimitable features in terms of comfort and perspiration management with the extraordinary lightness and hardness in case of impacts of D3O and SAS-Tec protections, we have created a specific product for those sports in which protection is not optional, but in which mobility and comfort must be guaranteed at the same time.

Created for you

Whether you are just a beginner or whether the park is your first home, PRO Tech garments have been studied for your desire for freedom and adrenaline.

Stretchy seamless fabrics in contact with your skin guarantee a level of comfort that you have never felt before.

What are you waiting for? Try them now! The ramps need you!