When playing becomes hard

Snowboarding is a sport where nothing must be left to change, mainly in terms of safety and mobility.

The SIXS PRO Tech line has been studied for protecting you against the cold and against impacts; everything in a single article of clothing.

Winning combination

The products of the PRO Tech line combine the SIXS perspiration management features with a high level of protection and comfort that had never been reached before, thanks to the light and soft protections that become incredibly hard and protective in case of an impact.

The combination of these two features exalts your mobility and lightness on the tracks or in the park, without precluding your safety. Stretchy seamless fabrics in contact with your skin guarantee a level of comfort that you have never felt before.

Result: thanks to SIXS technical garments, from now own you will always be dry, warm and protected, thus being able to wear the minimum number of external clothes.