Give a kick to perspiration

Football is a hard sport full of contact where physical fitness is becoming more important than talent, determining the victory of one team over the other one.

SIXS products have been developed for football training and competition all year around; both in the summer and in the winter, your body will always remain dry and at the right temperature, thanks to the SIXS fabric thermoregulating effect.

Less accidents – more performance

Perspiration will not dry in contact with your skin, but rather outside. And it will evaporate without leaving unpleasant odours.

In addition, thanks to the seamless design, you will enjoy a level of comfort that you have never felt before. In sports terms, all this means top muscle performance and less risk of muscle injuries, as well as better performance while training and in the matches.

A piece of advice: try also the new COMP compression socks (Lycra energy approved) – you will not regret!