Team Costa Ligure Beta Boano World Champion 2014

Team Costa Ligure Beta Boano World Champion 2014

EWC 2014 G.P. di FRANCIA
BRIOUDE 13/14 September 2014


This time I think I would need at least ten pages to express how I feel, or better we feel, at this time. Perhaps we have yet to realize exactly what has happened !! So I just thank all of you who have believed, who first, who now, in ourselves and in our project. I thank Betamotor to have given me confidence in 2005 entrusting me with the task of their re-entry into the world of off-road and I am proud to have led to their first World Title that I hoped to be the first of a long series !! Personally, I thank my riders Danny and Davide for letting me win that as a riders i did not win!!
I close by reminding everyone, who as a sponsor, who as a supporter, who as fans, we are WORLD CHAMPION ENDURO 2014 DANNY MCCANNEY (CLASS EJ) AND DAVIDE SORECA (CLASS EY)


I agree with what was said by Jarno. We shared many years together with successes and disappointments, and today we can say that we share a great victory. David’s victory has a special flavor then !! We are a close-knit team that has as main objective to make 100% and this time we were rewarded. Now there are two Italian titles in the game, the Italian Under-23 Championship and the Italian Championship to try to do the “Perfect Season”!!