Training Report from Sardinia - Michele Cencioni

Training Report from Sardinia – Michele Cencioni

We are now one week before the first appointment for the season 2015, the International motocross in Riola Sardo (OR).

This season we expect many engagements all over Europe, in which we hope to confirm or maybe improve the results of the season just ended.
There are many people who believe in our work, the new agreements with the confirmations of those who already support us for years stimulate us to work hard more and more and expand our means.
To prepare for this race in confirmation of our effort we moved in Sardinia for 15 days, in order to find the optimal conditions for training, attached some photos of the tests.
We wait for Sunday February 1 in Crossodromo ” le dune” in Riola Sardo!
Michele Cencioni