Who can claim such a family?

Who can claim such a family?

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Year after year our testimonials increase, and thanks to them SIXS conquest more podiums, more victories, more and more world titles!

During 2015 you will find many familiar faces in SIXS, here we present only a part:

  • Eva Lechner (MTB) – MTB World Champion and Italian cyclo-cross Champion in 2014
  • Fabian Giger (MTB) – cross country Europeans silver medal in 2014
  • Vanni Oddera (MX Freestyle) – Red bull X-fighters Exibition Tour Russia and inventor of the “moto therapy”
  • David Casteau (Enduro) – 2nd place in the Dakar (2007)
  • Davide Soreca (Enduro) – World Champion Enduro EY class
  • Matteo Fontana (triathlon) – IM 70.3 triathlon world champion cat 18/24
  • Joan Pedrero (enduro) – 5th place in the Dakar (2011)
  • Johnny Cattaneo (cycling) – Italian champion Marathon 2010
  • Team Torpado (MTB) – which includes the two-time World Champion Roel Paulissen, the 2014 MTB Italian Champion Daniela Veronesi; Yader Zoli hat has to his credit four Italian titles
  • Karel Abraham (MotoGP) – MOTOGP rider
  • Ilias Periklis (MTB) – Marathon World Champion 2012
  • Thiago Ferreira (MTB) – Portuguese champion in 2014, 6th in the World Championship Marathon in 2013, winner of the 2012 Brasil Ride
  • Alex Zanotti (enduro) – BAJA 2012 world champion; European champion Rally Raid 2004
  • Roberto Cunico (cycling) – winner of the 2013 and 2014 Ötztaler Radmarathon
  • Alexey Medvedev (MTB) – Campione Europeo Marathon 2011
  • Marco Faccani (motorbike) – Superstock 600 European Champion
  • Dorina Vaccaroni (cycling) – three Olympic medals, all in foil; bike – Italian master title and eighth in the world category
  • Alessandro Botturi (enduro) – 5th World Championship E2, Italian Champion 500 4T 2007; Yamaha rider Dakar 2015
  • Ivan Degasperi – MTB World Champion category M1
  • Christophe Ponsson (motorbike) – Superbike World Championship rider

So, the flag of SIXS is high and waving with these fantastic athletes and many, many others, engaged in national championships around the World!